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Malta International Photo Award 2019 /2020


Any claims in regards to the winning submissions for this edition of the Malta International Photo Award can be sent on by no later than Tuesday 28th July 2020 at 18:00 CET for internal review. Our team will evaluate each claim to ensure that the MIPA terms and conditions have been adhered to. After this deadline, the selected entries will be considered as final and no further changes would be possible. It is also expressly forbidden to utilise any image or photograph found on this page and the rest of the MIPA website, and MIPA together with the photographers reserve the right to any action for any unlawful use of such photos and/or imagery.

With thousands of submissions from all over the world, we are proud to finally announce all the winning photos across the six categories of Abstract, Cities, Everything Malta, Nature, People and Storytelling, as part of our latest Malta International Photo Award Edition 2019/20.


Migration Of The Eagle Hunters


The life and traditions of a nomadic family in North-Western Mongolia have remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years. A family can migrate with their belongings and livestock at least twice a year. In the winter of 2016 and 2017, the photographer trecked over 100 miles on foot through the Altai Mountains with a nomadic family, livestock, and their belongings. With temperatures well below zero, it took one week to arrive at their Spring camp where the livestock would graze until the next migration. This series is in black and white to show the timelessness and beauty of the culture.




Robin Yong imagines the year to be 1957 again, when Havana was the world’s fourth most expensive city. According to the International Labour Organization, the average industrial salary in Cuba became the world’s eighth-highest in 1958, and the average agricultural wage was higher than in developed nations like Denmark, West Germany, Belgium or France. Cuba also had Latin America’s highest per capita consumption of meat, vegetables, cereals, automobiles, telephones and radios during this period.  In 2019, many vintage buildings still remain in Havana and many of the photographer's friends still play and live in such buildings. The buildings may be old and deteriorated, blemished by scars on their walls, with no signs of recent maintenance. Today, as the Castro era wanes, Cuba’s youth have their doubts, dreams and their stories…The country is still a far cry from its heyday, but It is now time to create new memories and new histories while revisiting and reevaluating old ones…1957 is a collection of portraits and stories of Robin Yong's friends in Havana…





Unmasking one of the biggest threats to mankind. You probably haven't thought about your last breath. It comes as naturally as few things do – breathing is one of life's essential necessities. But while humans have been busy propelling progress, producing and consuming on an unprecedented scale, we have left a dark cloud in the air that we breathe. Air pollution has grown to the point where it takes seven million lives worldwide each year. Half a million in Europe alone and over four million in Asia. Industrial exhaust, personal- and freight transport, agriculture, waste management and household heating are infusing our atmosphere with hard particles, ground layer ozone and other gases that make the air hazardous to our lungs. While an increasing number of people are hiding behind masks to protect themselves from the immediate effects of polluted air, a long-term solution is needed. Fortunately, technological solutions to this pandemic do exist. But there is still a dire need for awareness and commitment to change. Think about your next breath. Think about the breaths of billions being threatened. Think about the mask as a symbol – unmasking one of our biggest threats, by showing individuals shielding themselves from the side effects of our common progress.



91 Year old Locksmith

Filmed in Ninghai County, China's Zhejiang Province, the 91-year-old, who runs an old lock repair shop, spends his spare time watching TV and reading, and still leads a colorful and healthy life.



Chez Moi

The ex MOI was a housing occupation of Turin inside the buildings of the Olympic Village built for the 2006 Winter Games and then abandoned and left unused. Considered the biggest occupation of migrants and asylum seekers in Europe, it has hosted more than 1400 refugees from 28 different countries in Africa. At dawn on July 30, 2019, hundreds of people arrived in that courtyard to direct the last operations of the evacuation plan. The photographer closed his eyes for a moment in that courtyard full of doubts and voices. Of all the words he heard, those of a close friend have hit his heart harder: “I’m on that boat. I’ve never been down. I’m still on that boat.”


Escuela de Circo


The circus culture always starts very early. This also happens in Cuba, in La Habana, where every afternoon children and young people meet to train and shape body and mind.


Husna, a Young Yazidi Boxer Girl


Rawanga, home to more than 15000 internally displaced persons, is one of the 25 camps around Dohuk, a northern governorate of Iraqi Kurdistan. Husna, a 17 year-old Yezidi girl and her family have been living there since 2014, when they abandoned their home fleeing from ISIS aggression. Through active participation in ‘Boxing Sisters’ program, she has discovered her talent for this sport.


The Still Journey of Eritrean Women


Every year thousands of Eritreans flee their country where military service is mandatory and of indefinite duration, and there isn’t freedom of expression, association and religion are carried out.  The migration journey, particularly the women’s journey, usually lasts for several years or it stops forever. 


The God Generals


Face painting symbolizes the Town God's-generals of Taiwan's traditional culture.


Jewish Prayers.


The ultra orthodox Jews come to Lelov, Poland from all over the world to pray before the grave of Tzadik Biederman. For Hasidic Judaism this is the site of yearly pilgrimage. During the annual commemoration of his death, the faithful submit personal requests to the Tzadik.