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MIPA Travel Award 2020/21


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With thousands of submissions from all over the world, we are proud to finally announce the winners for our MIPA Travel Award 2020/21, with the first ever MIPA Travel Photographer of the Year.




The Sahara Desert, Morocco, right after sunrise.



The Mee tribe is one of the tribes in Papua who live in the central mountains of West Papua, Indonesia. They have a lot of local wisdom that makes them live in community harmony. One of the local wisdoms is magical wisdom. People live together in a natural environment. They believe that something has hidden strengths and weaknesses. The life of the Mee tribe is among the large tribes in the Central Mountains region, Nabire, Papua, Indonesia. To fulfill their livelihood, they hunt animals in the forest, including bats, plant sweet potatoes, taro, raise pigs and look for lake fish. Disease sometimes arises from prey such as bats to cause death.


Harvesting Water Lily KHANH PHAN

In the high water season in southern Vietnam, special Kien Tuong, Moc Hoa, Long An province, water lilies thrive. Waterlily is a flower growing in many rivers and lakes, both beautiful for this land, as well as a favorite food of indigenous people and tourists. During the high water season, women use a boat to collect water lilies, a job that has been practiced for a long time in southern Vietnam. They were taught boating from a young age. They pick the flowers, wash them, take them to the market or make family food. There are many tourists who come to Southern Vietnam to experience the feeling of boating along the rivers...and they can see these images.


Zen at Sea

The series “Losing Our Minds” was taken at the beginning of the corona crisis 2020. Man loses his mind because a stormy situation presents itself that is new and challenging him. These are photos of ultra-Orthodox Jews who can enjoy their freedom in an unorthodox way in the storm (of their) lives and escape the lockdown.



Photograph taken on Mt. Bromo, East Java, Indonesia.

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Bamboo Basket Seller


The most well known of Tat Vien village, a country side not so far from Hanoi, was the bamboo basket for fishing. That traditional craft has been handed from generation to generation, when the baskets were completely done, the villager loaded on the bycles and moved around to sell.

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The Color of Floating Market


Lok Baintan Floating Market is one of the traditional floating markets in South Kalimantan (Indonesia) that is still active until today and is one of the tourist destinations.

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Traditional Polish 'Redyk'


The picture was taken in Maniowy, Southern Poland. Redyk is a traditional annual march of shepherds with a flock of sheep. Every summer sheep are taken for few months high up to the mountains for grazing. In October sheep are taken down back to the villages to survive the winter in the farms. The big coming back is much celebrated. Shepards lead the herd through the villages and locals welcomes them with music and cheers.

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I Love India


The image of the untouchables sleeping through the cities of Kolkata every night is startling and frightening. A third of the population of this Indian city lives on the streets and every day a human mantle fills the corners and the asphalt of entire families that spend the night in the cold and wet ground with rats, crows and garbage.

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The Last Frontier


I visited Katmai National park in Alaska in early October this year and was overwhelmed by the diversity and beauty of remote living environment. For over a decade, the threat of a huge, open-pit copper and gold mine has loomed over the heart of pristine salmon spawning territory in Bristol Bay, Alaska. On Nov. 25, 2020, the Army Corps denied a key permit for Pebble Mine, essentially finding that the mine would cause significant degradation to the surrounding environment. I believe that by showing people the sheer beauty of what we may loose can motivate to act for conservation before causing an irreversible disaster.

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Go for Fight


In East Africa, every summer takes part the most impressive phenomenon in Nature! The Great Wildebeest Migration shuffles violently every grain of the African continent, blowing the mind of the thousands of nature's enthusiasts! The zebra is ready to cross the Masai Mara river in the chaos!

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The Boy from the Mountain


In the small villages in the Rhodope Mountains there are many children who are happy and live in nature. This life teaches them to protect nature and feed on it. These are the few places where man is in harmony with nature.

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At the Beginning of the Day


At the end of the night, at the beginning of the day, in the winter morning, the people of the village are rushing to their workplaces. Traditional cow cart, bicycle or someone walking to work. 90% of the people here are involved in agriculture. Picture taken from a village in Rangpur city of Bangladesh.

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Northern Lights


Lofoten Islands

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The Ardah


Traditional horse race show in Oman.