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Founded in 2018, the Malta International Photo Award (MIPA) is a premier photo award striving to share and promote the art and passion of photography at all levels across the globe. Our platform provides photographers of all levels of expertise a chance to share their passion with the world. We aim to bring people together and connect different cultures through the power of photograpy.

Based in the Mediterranean island of Malta is a vivid part of the nature of this project. The country has been a historic cultural crossroad, with the language and heritage heavily influences by Semitic, European, Anglo-Saxon and African origins. The island's history dates as far back as 3500BC, bestowing it with an enormous breadth of cultural and artistic heritage.


Opening seasonally, the Malta International Photo Award is fully held online and offers incredible prize money, and a leading panel of experts who judge the thousands of submissions by photographers from over 112 countries from across the world. Each edition of MIPA is held across a number of different categories, with over 9 categories already explored since the start the Malta International Photo Award.

The current edition MIPA Travel Award 2020/21 is now open, with submissions closing on Friday 5th March 2021.


Our Award offers all participants and winners an international platform to showcase their work and share their incredible creative talents. We have invested heavily in our channels, with a strong presence across digital media, in order to give our photographers a strong push for their work. Coupled with the prizes, publications, exhibitions and constant marketing efforts, MIPA is the perfect platform for amateurs and pros alike.

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