Batteries are catalysts of massive industrial and social change in our time. With the recent boom of battery driven cars, phones and robots, the market for its core component lithium has soared and created a modern- day gold rush with geo- strategic consequences.

Nation Resistance

Palestinians throw stones in response to Israeli forces’ intervention as they gather to support the maritime demonstration to break the Gaza blockade.

Twist over the Guggenheim

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018 Bilbao. The American diver David Colturi makes a twist among the architectural giants of the city of Bilbao, such as the Guggenheim Museum and the Iberdrola Tower.

The Whale’s Mouth Cloud

This amazing scene was shot in South Dakota during a storm chase in the United States. This weird cloud is called The Whale’s Mouth, and appears when the first gust front of a storm is passing over.

Red Soul

Inspired by dynamic movement of Flamenco dancing. Red was chosen as the dominating colour to make the photo more attractive.


A close up of a young Humpback Whale just below the surface

Playstation Sunglasses

This is the thing I’m recently thinking about: Is this world real?-“Playstation sunglasses – the sponsor of my pale skin and dark circles under eyes!”

Left Blow

2017 IBF Silk Road Championship Tournament: Zafar PArpiev vs Melmark Dignos