I’m Not My Body

A photo documentary of Claire Coché: Euthanasia, contrary to suicide, is not triggered by a severe depressive state, but by a conscious decision and a deep human journey where the dichotomy of right and wrong must make way for compassion and hope.

Cruise Night – Paula Sue

Cruise Night is an intimate investigation of the female gaze, cultural politics and masculinity in Los Angeles’ lowrider car culture. These photographs offer a glimpse at the beauty, grace and complexities of the car as a mobile canvas.

Jummah Prayer

Jummah (Jumu’ah) means Friday prayer. A congregational prayer that Muslims hold every Friday just after noon instead of the Zohor prayer. In Islam, Friday is most important day than any other day of the week.

A Sea Child

Four years ago the author had opportunity to witness something terrifying and something beautiful at the same time.

Creative Dialogue

Two girls immersed in dialogue in the middle of the creative urban design of the Heyder Aliyev Museum in Baku, Azerbaijan.


An actor memorizes his lines at the window of a dressing room during a rehearsal in the “Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf” theatre in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Playful 1

A pair of Gold Dust Weevils in the bushes that like to climb on top of one another. They are only about 1 cm in length, and just observing their behaviour is a joyful lesson in itself.

Dragonfly and Snail

Extraordinary natural scene where dragonfly rests on spiral formed stem, but a curious little snail is slowly approaching towards him.

Crying Earth

Humanity needs to wake up and realize what we are doing to our planet. We kill it, we use it, and abuse it. Instead of destroying our one and only home, we should love and appreciate it. Maybe only then our next generation will have a chance to survive

Close Your Eyes and Let It Go

Standing right here and chilling. Just close your eyes and feel it. Let the wind blow your tears away. Just let it go, let it go.