Officially, Colombia has been at peace since an agreement in 2016. Buenaventura is Colombia’s main harbour, and is also known as the 6th continent as everything that happens here is different from the rest of the country.

Settlement of Edgee Water

This ongoing project records aerial images of human settlement patterns at the edge of water. Humans have a fascination or a compelling need to live at the interface of land a water in its different form, but most are threatened by rising seas resulting from climate change.

Black Gold Life

In the fast growing country of China, miners have slowly been forgotten. The author recorded this almost defunct traditional industry, the workers’ life spirit, and the warm moments in between, so as to give future people perspective.

Blood Red Luxury

Illegal mines of a semiprecious stone where men, women, and children dig huge holes in the hope of finding the desired stones that will pay for their livelihood.

In the Middle of Black Christianity

This work researches and documents the only native religion in all of central Africa: the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. It symbolises the identity of a country that has always been subject to political and economic conquests.


Since 2017 more than 800,000 people escaped persecution to the safety of Cox’s Bazar district, Bangladesh. Rohingya, a Muslim minority in Myanmar, have been subjected to forced labour and routine violence through a law enacted by its military government.


An intentional community near the town of Grosseto in Tuscany, Italy. Founded in 1948 in the former concentration camp of Fossoli di Carpi by don Zeno Saltini, It is a small population based on the Gospel with one purpose: to give orphaned children parents.

As Hard as a Rock

This distinctive highlander type of beauty with long moustaches and beards once embodied the mountain residents of Southern Poland, but is hardly seen nowadays. This project wants to eternalize these characteristic highlanders.


Oktoberness is that confusing and messy state of mind manifesting itself during the period of the Oktoberfest striking all the people attending this worldwide renowned beer-fest.

It is what it is- Family Photo

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Jordan Gale presents a narrative of youth and decrepitude, addiction and recovery, all coexisting in a small part of the Midwest region, and highlighting the frustration, sorrow, and longing of multigenerational stagnation in America’s Heartland.