Taekwondo North Korea Style

Pyongyang, North Korea. The modern incarnation of the Korean martial art Taekwondo (“way of kick and fist”) was created in 1955 by General Choi Hong Hi, born in what is now North Korea, remains extremely popular in this country.

Chasing Spirits

The annual Dance of the Bears takes place in Northern Romania every winter, a ritual that symbolizes the death and rebirth of time. Men and women of all ages dress with bear skins and dance the rhythm of flutes and percussions to drive away evil spirits and welcome the new year.

Bijlmer Blizzard

The iconic elevated railway lines in Amsterdam’s Bijlmer (short for Bijlmermeer) neighbourhood during a snow storm.

Wide Open

A huge Great White Shark has her jaws wide open after breaching the surface off the coast of Guadalupe Island in Mexico. The big female Great Whites can reach an impressive length of 6m for a weight up to 1 ton, making them much bigger than males.


In the process of reading Dante’s Divine Comedy, the author was inspired to make a number of photo- illustrations for a book.


A group of ants helping each other.


Cargo ship during docking maneuvers at a merchant port.


Referee Michael Oliver (2nd L) is confronted by Juventus’ Gianluigi Buffon (4th L) during a UEFA Champions League soccer match in Madrid on 11.04.2018.