Delta Hill Ryders

Just after the Civil War, one in four cowboys were African American. Yet, this population is drastically underrepresented in most accounts. This ongoing project in the Mississippi Delta resists both historical and contemporary stereotypes.

Admirer of Piety

A little boy mourning for Hossain, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad SWT during the Asura (Muharram) procession.

Colourful Doors

Series of Colourful Doors in an office space in Tokyo, Japan.

Up and Down

Kingfisher with little fish during freezing times.


Social changes promise people a better life, democracy, human rights, end of poverty, and work for all. When the years pass and everything is over, only monuments will remain to remind us what we should not forget; both good and bad.


Leaping, kicking, scampering, bucking, exploding wildebeests during  The Great Migration.


These devices are advanced data aquisition devices used in wide range of applications and different industries.

It’s Showtime

This is a shot from the Mikkeli Finnish Rally Championship race stunt show taken on 16.2.2018. I knew that there were going to be some fireworks before the show.