Evergreen Bangladesh

‘Aji Dhaner khetey roudrochhayae, lukochuri khela re bhai……”

[‘O dear brother, the sunlight is playing hide and seek in the paddy fields…..’, – Rabindranath Tagore (1908 AD)]

This picture of the green paddy field is not only a mere documentation of an agricultural activity, but actually represents a green Bangladesh and the rich heritage of the Bengalis. The southerly winds, which create green ripples on the paddy fields, are representatives of all the obstacles that the Bengalis, as a race, have overcome throughout ages. It seems, as if Bangladesh has set sail towards achievement of success on the green waves of this green sea of paddy.

The Fruit Seller

A fruit seller is selling water melon in the street of Dhaka. This area is on the bank of the famous river Burigonja . Various seasonal fruits gathered here from different parts of the country using different watercraft through this river.

Ride the sun

In one of the most spectacular corners of the south coast of the island of Malta hides a jewel of rock much loved by climbers, the name is evocative: Garden of Eden

Gold Rock

There is a special moment, just before sunset, when the rock is tinged with gold as in a magical transformation.

Girls in Rio

I have taken this picture while travelling to favela Vidigal in Rio de Janeiro. Partnering with a local NGO, they showed me their project where they empower youth through sport (this was a girls football club on top of favela). By this, they want to improve their life and lead them for the right path in their life, despite the tough environment in which they live.

The Ecstasy

The first sun rays “switched on” the colours, and the whole area was suddenly illuminated.

Snow & Fire

A quiet and snowy evening under the burning sky above the glacial lake Bohinj.