The world needs a rebirth

It’s too late to stop global warming, a major portion of our world is already in high danger, the big countries are hiding this reality. By the time everyone comes to know it will be no more. It is a sad truth that our next generation would have no privilege to live in a better condition like ours. Even though it is too late to stop this but if all of us try hard we can slow the process.


5 Cheetahs from 3 different families have united for the very first time ever. There is a leader also for this newly formed group and normally the leader always takes the first step in attacking and all others follow. Since they are strong 5 member team they make a kill each day. They also have a unique style of making a kill, unlike normal stalking and sprint. The catch of this photo is the perfect attacking position and the low-level shot.

Etosha Pan

Etosha, meaning ‘Great White Place’ is made of a large mineral pan. The pan is believed to have developed through tectonic plate activity over about ten million years and around 16,000 years ago, when ice sheets were melting across the landmasses of the Northern Hemisphere, a wet climate phase in southern Africa filled Etosha Lake. Today however the Etosha Pan is mostly dry clay mud split into hexagonal shapes, but still, we can see a thin sheet of water is covering it. In this image, you can see the reflection of Giraffe`s standing on the opposite side of this water collection and in this frame, you can also witness the beautiful magical evening light that added additional scenic beauty.

Lake Cakora

A creek stained with tannin from surrounding vegetation draining a coastal lake in Australia photographed from a helicopter

Display Of Joy

It was my dream to get such a click in this background. I had literally visited the same spot for 5 consecutive days to get this frame. My brother had accompanied me for this trip and we were out in the location looking for the Humpback whale breach. I was very particular if it occurs it has to be in a place with good background so we were mainly focusing on this area as it had a very good scenic beauty. Our room and rented car was available only for 4 days, at the end of 4 th day I told my brother I am staying back until I get the desired frame. My main challenge was there was no rooms available and we had to return the car as well on that day, so my only option was sit in front of the information centre which had a public toilet which they don’t close it. I went ahead and checked with them if it was okay to sit there, they said it`s okay. My brother who is also a doctor by profession couldn’t extend his leave and had to return the same day. So I was all alone in the location but towards late evening somehow I managed to book a room in a nearby hotel which I got due to a last minute cancellation. The next day I got out to the
bay and I saw this beauty breaching couple of times exactly way I wanted and I got this frame. Patience and hard work is definitely needed to achieve your desired frame.